If you need to claim against your insurance, or if your insurer is refusing to pay out on a claim, you need legal advice from a specialist professional. Our insurance claim lawyers on the Gold Coast support residents and businesses of Queensland through their insurance claims and disputes. 

Insurance Dispute Lawyer Gold Coast

Our legal professionals deal with all manner of insurance cases, including assisting with claims and representing you during disputes. With a wealth of legal knowledge and experience, we understand the processes and procedures involved in insurance claims and we can support you in making or disputing your claim.

This includes all manner of insurance types, such as:

  • House insurance

  • Car insurance

  • Contents insurance

  • Travel insurance

  • Public liability insurance

  • Commercial and corporate insurance

If your insurer is refusing to pay on a claim or is taking their time in resolving your claim, then you could have grounds to file a dispute. For a case to be considered, you must be up to date with your insurance premiums, and you must have taken all required steps to prevent the initial loss occurring - such as locking doors or encrypting data.

You should be able to prove that your claim is genuine, and where possible have supporting evidence such as paperwork, incident numbers, photographs of damage etc. This will help our insurance lawyers to prepare and present your case. Using a lawyer can speed up your claim could ensure that you get the payment you are entitled to.

Do you need a lawyer? 

Filing insurance claims, and disputing payments, can be a complicated legal process. For a claim or case to be successful, you need to submit the right information within the specified deadlines. Gold Coast insurance law firms like ours are here to help with complex claims. We offer no-nonsense explanations of the process and the jargon, we outline exactly what a case needs to have a chance of success in court.

If you have a legal issue and need the advice of our insurance lawyers Gold Coast, get in touch today. We can come to you, for your convenience, and we will support you throughout your insurance claim or dispute.

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