At Matus Lawyers, we offer legal advice and support for those seeking to make a claim following a motoring accident that was not their fault. Our car accident lawyers are situated on the Gold Coast, and are able to run clients through the various processes involved with making a claim, and advise whether they are likely to receive compensation.

Am I eligible to claim?

The most important factor in making a claim is that you were not at fault when the accident occurred, and can verify this fact. It is also imperative that you make a claim within a designated time period. Court action relating to all claims must be started within three years in order to be successful. In some cases, more stringent stipulations apply. For example, claims against unknown vehicles must be served and made compliant within just nine months of the incident. 

How much you can claim is dependent on the extent to which your injuries impact your daily life, the cost of treatments, and whether you have lost any income. Your claim will be assessed once you are in a stable condition and treatment has been carried out. 

Is the process complicated? 

Making a claim can be a little complicated, so our Gold Coast motor accident lawyers are on hand to run you through the details. The pre-court process involves, but is not limited to, providing the police with an accident report, obtaining medical certification of your injuries, attending a medical examination, exchanging information with your insurer, and attending a settlement conference.

Why should I acquire a car accident lawyer on the Gold Coast?

As legal professionals with years of experience in the field, lawyers will be able to take you through the claims process swiftly and easily, giving you time to recuperate. Indeed, people who settle their own claims receive a significantly lower amount on average than those who take on the expertise of a lawyer. 

For more information about making a claim, get in touch with our motor accident lawyers on the Gold Coast by contacting us on 0417 748 861.

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