If you have been injured outside of your home, and the injury was not caused through any fault of your own, then you might have a case for a personal injury claim. This includes accidents at work, on the road, in public buildings and in commercial premises. There are different types of claim depending on the circumstances of the injury, and on the claimant's own relationship to the premises where the incident occurred.

Gold Coast Injury Lawyers

When you are injured in an accident that wasn't your fault, you may seek the advice of a Gold Coast workplace injury lawyer or personal injury lawyer. You could be entitled to compensation due to your injuries, especially if those injuries are severe or have caused you hardship. There are different types of personal injury claim which can be made when an accident occurs outside of your own home.

These include:

  • Motor vehicle claims

  • Workplace accident claims

  • Public liability claims

Workers Compensation Lawyers Gold Coast

Employees on the Gold Coast are protected at work by laws which permit statutory claims to be brought in the event of a workplace injury. Workers, and those temporarily classed as workers such as third-party contractors, are entitled to receive compensation for injuries received in the line of work.

A work injury lawyer Gold Coast based can offer advice on the types of claims that are covered by the statutory workers' compensation rules, and on the benefits included in a workplace personal injury claim.

Vehicle Claims for Personal Injury

If the incident in which you were injured involves a motor vehicle, and if your claim falls into the required timeframe, then you could pursue a claim for personal injury against the driver who caused the accident. There is a strict process which must be followed for the claim to be accepted, so it is wise to seek legal advice when making a claim. In some cases, a claim may be brought against an unknown vehicle, though strict time limits apply here also.

Public Liability Lawyers Gold Coast

If an injury occurs in a public place, including a commercial or outdoor space, or a home belonging to another person or persons, then the injured person may be entitled to compensation under public liability laws. Public liability insurance applies, or should apply, when the accident does not occur in the workplace and does not involve a motor vehicle.

Examples of public liability claims include injuries obtained because of slips, trips and falls, assaults, animal attacks, negligence, or product faults. This is not an exhaustive list: there are many different reasons a public liability claim may be brought before the courts. Seek the advice of personal injury lawyers Gold Coast wide to better understand whether your claim might be covered, and for more information on how to file a claim.

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