Gold Coast no win no fee injury claim lawyers – who to pick?

May 16, 2018


There seems to be a new injury law firm popping up every week on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, each claiming to service the other area.

Many Brisbane firms now offer home visits on the Gold Coast, or to see you at a local visited office.  NSW and Victorian firms are doing the same.  But do you want a lawyer working in another State running your claim in Qld?

There are different firm sizes and styles, from the large corporate or national firms, to local lawyers opening their own “boutique” offering.

Some firms make appointments for you to see the boss, but then have your claim run by a junior clerk or lawyer.  Some firms have a large number of people involved in your claim, but you mostly just see the front person.

So, what is best for you?  How do you pick a great no win no fee lawyer?


1.       Try to get a recommended lawyer.

If you already know a good lawyer, ask them to recommend a good injury lawyer to you.

Does anyone else you know recommend the lawyer?


2.       Review your lawyer before you meet them.

Have you reviewed what has been said about them or their law firm online?  Have you asked other professionals about them?  Have you searched if they have been subject to disciplinary action?  Are they an accredited specialist in this area?  Is this person actually working in this area full time?


3.       Make sure you meet your lawyer who will be doing the job.

The most important person to meet is the person managing your claim – i.e. the one doing the day to day work on it.  If you are not meeting that person first up, then be wary.  The person your meeting is more interested in sales than working for you.


4.       Don’t just be interviewed but do the interviewing too!

When you meet your lawyer, they will want to know all about you and your claim.  Hold your horses!!  What about them?  What about finding out just who you are entrusting your very important claim with?


You can find out:

-          Are they admitted as a lawyer in Australia?

-          How long have they been doing injury law in Qld?

-          Do they have former clients willing to give a testimonial (and not just the website ones)?

-          Do they explain things to you simply and clearly and give you confidence?

-          Does the lawyer actually listen to you, ask good questions and answer your question or avoid them?

-         How many trials have they run?  Ask for the Court case citations – they are likely published online if it went to judgment.

-          Will they be doing all the work or mostly their secretary / paralegal – who is s/he and what is their experience?

-          How do they overcome roadblocks insurers put in your way – eg time delay.



The key to deciding on the best lawyer is to spend a few hours with those recommended to you or your research shows are reputable.  If you quickly establish a good rapport and feel confidence in their ability, go for it.  Then make sure their promises are met by performance!

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